BMH Services is a technology company specializing in small business Web Design & Development and eCommerce services , Website & Email Hosting and
Dedicated/Colocated Server Solutions. Managed, Backup and Monitoring Services. Technical Support & System Administration for Windows and Linux.

We offer full spectrum and support of Streaming Live and onDemand media solutions and their related players for HTTP Progressive Download,
Flash Media Services (Multi Bitrate Streaming) and Windows Media Services, including Microsoft (Adaptive) IIS SmoothStreaming
for US Regional or Global Premium Content Delivery on affordable prices
BMH is member of PayPal Verification, Domain Registration, SSL Certification Authority, and Merchant Provider Solution programs.
We have U.S. based customer service and very knowledgeable technical support. If you are like most of our clients in the Los Angeles basin area you can take
advantage of our on site IT Consulting or Value Added Total Solutions (VATS) and Premium Business Support (PBS) services.

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